Join us on a Pretzel Field Trip as we travel through the history of your favorite snack, soft pretzels, from its origins in Europe through the present day. Auntie Anne’s is eager to lead your group in exploring the twists and turns of our Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels.


Roll and Twist Your Very Own Pretzels!

  • Scouts (Girl Scouts can earn a badge!)
  • School Field trips
  • Senior Centers
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Any group that is interested in the art of hand-rolling pretzels!

Customize the Experience For Your Group:

  • Learn the history of pretzels and Auntie Anne's
  • Learn how to roll your own pretzel from one of our Pretzel People!
  • Each participant will receive an Original Pretzel & Old Fashioned Lemonade
  • Girl Scouts earn a badge for participating!

We will match the content of the tour to the age and interest level of the participants. 

CONTACT US to schedule your group's field trip.